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Avesa Miracle Group Gathering


Are you ready to create some miracles? As they have done for many years, wisdom teacher Sri Ram Kaa and angelic oracle Kira Raa bring forth messages from the archangelic realm known as insoulments. These timeless messages, which come through at the beginning of each month, provide layers upon layers of insight, clarity, and enlightenment related to living in today’s world. What meaning will you find in these messages for yourself? Join us as we share the monthly insoulment, its meanings and any practices that may have come forward. This is a fun get-together and a time to remember yourself as the miracle maker you are.

Miracle Group Gatherings occur on the first Thursday of the month after the insoulment has been published. This means Miracle Gatherings may take place on the first or second Thursday of month.

Investment: Free-will donation.

Please call or e-mail if you plan to attend as space is limited.