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Healing with Crystals


Crystals have long been used in watches and other electronic devices. Crystals have a high vibrational energy which can also be used for healing. Some people conduct healing sessions with just crystals. I integrate crystals into the different modalities, therefore, I may use crystals during an Avesa Balancing, Atlantean Healing Chamber, Reiki or IET session. However, in-person, stand-alone crystal healing sessions are available.

Crystal layout

Using a layout that is right for you, crystals will be placed on you, around you, or both. Crystals may be used for all or only part of your session.

Vogel wands

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) was a scientist with IBM for 27 years until he started his own business, Psychic Research, Inc. A holder of many patents, he is known for his Vogel-cut wand. A Vogel wand is a quartz crystal cut to very mathmatically precise angles that correspond to the measurements of the Great Pyramid in Giza (51 degrees, 51 minutes, 51 seconds). Cut in this way, the crystal can focus healing energy very precisely. The number of facets may vary.


In-person sessions can be created solely around the use of the Vogel wand.