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Meet Buddy


Buddy transitioned on January 26, 2015, but his energy will always be a part of the Center. Read below to find out about this amazing soul.

What Kind of Dog is Buddy?

This is the most commonly asked question when someone meets Buddy for the first time. The North Shore Animal League of America told us he was a Shepherd/Terrier mix although I’m not convinced. I definitely see some Yellow Labrador in him (look at his ears). Other common guesses include:

  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Italian Spinone
  • Otterhound
  • Wheaton Terrier
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Labradoodle
  • The “Winn-Dixie” dog

Believe it or not, his DNA tests came back strongly indicating he was part German Shepherd with a minuscule part of Boxer. As someone mentioned to me recently, I think his sample got switched at the lab!!

Some of his features include a small blue spot on his tongue, a black and red nose, webbed paws (he loves the water!) and a double coat. The coarse outer coat on his back is white at the base but dark at the tip.

Whatever combination of breeds Buddy may be, he has been a wonderful companion and family member.

So What Does Buddy Do?

Buddy’s favorite games are Chase, Keep Away, and Wrestling. He loves his squeaky toys and takes good care of them. He loves to lay down in the Great South Bay and cool off. He’s not much into the game of Fetch. He’s good for one or two tosses, but after that he’s done. He loves long walks in the woods or digging a hole in the sand in which to lay down and keep cool. On some of the hottest days of summer, you can find him laying in the sun. Go figure!

I Meant As Part of the Azure Blue Healing Center.

Oh, of course.

Animals as well as humans can be attuned to Reiki. One of the things I wanted to find out was whether or not Buddy wanted to be attuned. It’s always best to ask permission of your animal companion first before proceding! So, I asked animal communicator, Lillie Goodrich, who runs a Border Collie rescue at Glen Highland Farm to talk to Buddy and find out his take on things. Boy! Did I get an earful!

The first thing Buddy wanted to know was what I wanted for him. In a previous communication session, Lillie felt he’d make a good therapy dog in the future because Buddy told her he saw his mission in life as one of calming people down. I felt his being attuned to Reiki would help him in his calling. Currently, Lillie told me Buddy already has a way of doing what he does. In fact, while vacationing at the farm’s Canine Country Camp, Buddy was already on the job! He was already helping people he felt needed healing.

Then, we talked about how Buddy could help me in my Reiki practice. He would “hold the room” for me. Confused, I asked for an explanation. I got one! Buddy would take care of the room’s energy so that my work would go faster and easier.

When you come for a treatment, one of the things I will be asking you is how you would like to feel by the end of the session. This is because Buddy needs to hear this information. When Buddy hears your response, he will know additionally how to help. Wow! I hired him on the spot!

So, the awesome, well-behaved, “knows-all-his-commands” dog that the NSAL America workers felt would be the first dog adopted out that December day just after Christmas, is fulfilling his life’s mission by being a partner in a spiritual healing practice! Who knew?

Buddy is also certified as a Pet Therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International® and is available for visits to nursing homes and hospitals with pet therapy programs.