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Meet Patricia

Hi, I’m Patricia and it is my honor to assist you on your journey to rediscover your authenticity and to bring healing into all aspects of your life. Teaching is my passion. I have been a teacher on the elementary and middle school levels for 25 years. I’ve also been a adjunct professor at a local private college for 15 years. Below are some of the courses I have taken and the teachers with whom I have studied as I follow my path as a spiritual healer.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, Magnified Healing Practitioner, and I hold multiple certifications under the umbrella of Avesa.

Reiki (Lorraine Austin)

  • Level 1 – May 2006
  • Level II – Sept. 2006
  • ART – Jan. 2007
  • Master Teacher – June 2007

Karuna Reiki® (William Rand)

  • April 2008

Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioner (Laurelle Shanti Gaia)

  • Beginner Level – April 2009
  • Intermediate Level – April 2009

Integrated Energy Therapy® (Maria Kramer)

  • Basic – July 2008
  • Intermediate – July 2008
  • Advanced – July 2008

IET Master Instructor (Karen Puglia)

  • September 2008

Mediumship (Doreen Virtue)

  • April 2010

Angel Therapy Practitioner® (Doreen Virtue)

  • October 2010

Magnified Healing® (Christina Burke)

  • August 2011

Avesa Quantum Healing® (Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa)

  • Avesa Energy Balancing® – November 2011
  • Avesa Fast Track, including Avesa Energy Balancing®, Atlantean Healing Chamber®, and Quantum Clairvoyance® – April 2012
  • Navigating the Inner Matrix® – Summer 2012 (with Anam Sum Anam coaching)
  • Golden Ray® – Fall 2012 (with Anam Sum Anam)
  • Certified Self-Ascension Coach – Navigating the Inner Maxtrix® (CSAC Team)
  • Certified Self-Ascension Coach – Avesa Energy Balancing® (CSAC Team)
  • Cosmic Life Regression® – Summer 2013
  • Avesa Medical Intuitive® – Summer 2013
  • Atlantean Healing Chamber® Advanced Practices – August 2013
  • Ascended Numerology® – Winter 2014
  • Advanced Dowsing and Crystal Wand Usage – July 2014
  • Healing with Crystals – July 2014
  • Self-Ascension Anointing Protocol® – July 2014 (with Anam Sum Anam)
  • Self-Ascension Intuitive Counselor® Training – July 2014
  • Cosmic Life Regression® Mastery and Teacher Certification – August/September 2014

My Philosophy
As a Teacher

I teach the whole person. We all learn through a combination of modalities: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory, to name a few. Some of us are stronger in one area than in another. Therefore, my classes are structured to meet the needs of a variety of learners. Students may record most lectures. Participants in select workshops will view videos. Manuals are provided with ample space to take notes. Time for hands-on practice of the techniques and attunements (if applicable) learned in the classes is also provided. Children’s classes are age-appropriate and include lots of time to take breaks, move about and play fun energy games.

In addition, I will support you, in a safe and caring environment, through the joys and frustrations of learning something new.

As a Spiritual Healer

The ability to heal comes from within the person seeking the healing. I simply facilitate the experience. I offer support as you travel on your healing journey. You must be willing to make the changes necessary in your life that you need to make in order to bring about the healing you seek, and that may mean doing some homework! Any of the healing modalities I provide can support you in making those changes.

All modalities I use are complimentary methods to a variety of ways that you can choose to invite healing into your life. Continue to explore the place diet, exercise, meditation, sunlight, and all medical traditions play in your overall healing experience.

My Mission Statement

My mission is a simple one. As my client and/or my student, in a caring, compassionate, safe environment, I will support you on your healing journey as you become empowered to heal yourself on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. In addition, as my student, I will pass on to you the knowledge and attunements necessary for the successful practice of the modalities you are studying.