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Monthly Gatherings

Are you interested in finding out more about the teachings of the various modalities offered at ABHC? Are you already a practitioner of the modalities offered but would like to keep up with the practices and/or maintain your skills? The Azure Blue Healing Center offers monthly gatherings where you can gather with practitioners and non-practitioners alike and receive the benefits of these modalities without having to sign up for a full session. Experience the energy of the monthly Insoulment with our Avesa Miracle Group Gathering. Experience a 5-minute empowerment with our IET Share and find out what it is like to give and receive Reiki by attending a Reiki Share. Each gathering will include practices and/or meditations specific to the modality that is being shared at the gathering.

Investments for each gathering are as follows:

Avesa Miracle Group: Free-will offering

Egyptian Healing Rod Circles: $10 (coming soon)

IET Share: $10 (coming soon)

Reiki Share: $10 (coming soon)