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Avesa Energy (Chakra) Balancing®


A basic Avesa Energy Balancing® can take as little as 7 minutes and is known as “The 7-Minute Miracle,” but it can be combined with any other modality to form a complete one hour session. This modality balances, aligns and places the 7 main chakras into the ascended state. Not bad for 7 minutes!

During this basic session, you will utilize the Ave-Sa breath as you connect with the Divine. This very simple method of breathing will be taught to you when you arrive for your session.

An Avesa Energy Balancing® session also utilizes highly energized pyramids and powerful Egyptian Healing Rods(TM). It is said that 5 minutes with the Rods is like 30 minutes of acupuncture.

Investment: $45 for basic energy balancing session. Remote sessions available.