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Avesa Quantum Healing®


What is Avesa?

Ave – means “hail” (as in the Ave Maria or Hail Mary)

Sa – sanscrit referring to the non-egoic “I.”

Together, Avesa means hail to the Divine presence within you.

Through the teachings of Avesa and Self-Ascension you remember the Divine presence that you are, acknowledge your authentic self, and learn to navigate this place called Earth with inner peace, unconditional love, and authentic joy.

What is Self-Ascension?

Archangel Zadkiel says:

Self-Ascension is the conscious recognition of the master you are while you are still in form. It is the release of all self-doubt and fear while calling forth the soul as an active participant in the life-experience.

So What That Means Is:

While you are here on Earth, your soul needs a body to navigate life on Earth. Thus, you are considered to be “in form.”

Self-Ascension allows you to trust the soul-based decisions you make because you make those decisions from your heart.

Some of the Services/Workshops I Provide:

Avesa Energy Balancings: $45

Avesa Energy Balacing 1-day Workshop: $144/$288 (1-to-1 private class)

Cosmic Life Regression: $222

Atlantean Healing Chamber: $444

Navigating the Inner Matrix Mentor Coaching: $149 (Clicking on this link will bring you to sriandkira.com.)

Want to Learn More About Avesa and the Yoga of Self-Ascension?

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