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IET Advanced Level Workshop


Note: Unlike Reiki workshops in which you may need to wait 3-6 months between levels, it is possible to take all 3 levels of IET (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) over 3 consecutive days.

During the one day IET Advanced level workshop you will:

  • learn a variety of advanced IET techniques to help you recognize your soul’s mission and bring your soul’s mission to life including:
    • the heartwave technique;
    • soulstar clearing;
    • heartnet process;
    • respectfully demanding process;
  • learn muscle tension and relaxation techniques to aid you in clearing away any resistance you may have to living your soul’s mission;
  • expand upon the Intermediate session by incorporating these muscle tension and relaxation techniques into an Advanced level IET session in order to empower others to live their soul’s mission;
  • practice giving an Advanced level IET session;
  • learn about heartbeams and how to use the heartwave technique to anchor heartbeams into the Earth;
  • receive a class manual with photographs and details for conducting an Advanced level session.
  • receive a certificate of IET Advanced level completion
  • leave class fully empowered to practice IET at the Advanced level.

Pre-requisites: IET Basic and Intermediate certifications

Note: If you have not studied with me, be prepared to show me the certificate you received when you took your Intermediate level class.

One day class (9:30-6:00PM)

8 CE hours available for massage therapists (approved by NCBTMB)

Investment: $215

IET 3-day Intensive: $575 (includes Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level classes)

Reviewer Investment (You must already have your Advanced Level certification): $65