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IET Basic Level Workshop


During the one day IET Basic level workshop you will:

  • learn the history and terminology of IET;
  • be introduced to the human energy anatomy system (meridians, chakras, integration channel, integration points)
  • receive the Basic level attunement which will activate the 1st and 2nd 12-Strand DNA pairs;
  • learn how to perform an angelic and human heartlink;
  • learn about the nine cellular memory areas and the primary emotional causes of energy blockages in those areas;
  • learn and practice the hand placements necessary for conducting a Basic Level IET session on yourself and others;
  • receive an illustrated class manual detailing the information presented in class including all hand placements for conducting a Basic level session;
  • receive a certificate of IET Basic Level completion;
  • leave class fully empowered to practice IET at the Basic level, which includes the ability to energize and integrate cellular memory areas.

Pre-requisites: None

One day class (9:30-5:00PM)

8 CE hours available for massage therapists (approved by NCBTMB)

Investment: $195

Basic Level/Healing Angels Unified: $265

Basic Level/IET for Pets: $295

IET 3-day Intensive: $575 (includes Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level classes)

Reviewer Investment: $65