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IET for Pets


Animals were placed on Earth for many reasons including to teach us and heal us. We, in turn, must care for the animals put here for our benefit. Sharing IET with your pet is a wonderful way to bond with your pet as well as provide healing for it.

Note: You will need to bring a toy stuffed animal to this workshop as we will not be working with any live animals, even those in cages.

During this one day workshop you will:

  • hear portions of two messages from Angel Ariel regarding pets in our lives;
  • learn about the cellular memory map for pets;
  • learn the IET integration points for pets;
  • learn to conduct a basic session with your pet;
  • learn the causes of energy blockages in your pet;
  • receive an illustrated workbook containing the information covered in class.

The workbook for this class covers IET treatments for cats, dogs, and horses although the techniques presented in this workshop can be adapted and applied to all animals. Although the only pre-requisite for this class is Basic level IET, students with Intermediate, Advanced or Master-Instructor training can adapt the methods, processes and procedures learned in those classes to their work with animals.

Pre-requisites: Basic IET

Note: If you have not studied with me, be prepared to show me the certificate you received when you took your IET Basic level class.

One day class (9:30-5:00PM)

Investment: $125

Basic Level/IET for Pets combo: $295

Reviewer Pricing:

  1. IET for Pets only: $45
  2. Review Basic Level, New to IET for Pets: $190

Review both Basic and IET for Pets: $110