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Karuna Reiki®


Karuna is a Sanscrit word which means “compassionate action.” The Karuna Reiki® method was developed by William Lee Rand and others at the International Center for Reiki Training. The Karuna Reiki® practitioner has access to stronger, higher frequencies of healing energy that bring about a greater potential for healing.

Does a session with Karuna Reiki® differ from a “regular” Reiki session?

In terms of hand placement, you won’t notice a difference in anything the Reiki practitioner physically does. You’ll still lay comfortably on a massage table under blankets and feel deeply relaxed. The practitioner will continue to use a series of gentle hand placements along various parts of the body to deliver the energy. The only thing that is different is the frequency of the energy being delivered.

What’s that you hear? Your practitioner is toning or chanting some indecipherable syllables? Well, yes, that is part of the Karuna Reiki® system, too, as well as other modalities and protocols. Sound is very healing and toning assists the body to heal itself. Your practitioner may choose to tone aloud or silently.

When can I study Karuna Reiki®?

If you have reached the ART level, and have been at that level for at least 6 months, you can study and become attuned to Karuna Reiki®.