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Save 10% on your sessions.

Packages must be ordered ahead of time to receive the discount.

Customized packages are available to fit your particular healing needs.

If you already know the energy processes you would like to work with, order a package listed below. Clients new to Azure Blue Healing Center should allow an additional 15 minutes during their first session to complete a short intake form.

Peace – $121.50 (Three 15-minute sessions)

3 Avesa Energy Balancings®

Peace Enhanced – $216 (Three 1-hour sessions)

3 IET or Reiki Sessions (includes Avesa Energy Balancings®)

Love – $243.00 (Six 15-minute sessions)

6 Avesa Energy Balancings®

Love Enhanced – $432.00 (Six 1-hour sessions)

6 IET or Reiki Sessions (includes Avesa Energy Balancings®)

Joy – $639.00 (Four sessions, timing of each session varies by modality)

1 Avesa Energy Balancing®, 2-day Atlantean Healing Chamber®, 1 Cosmic Life Regression® – $639.00