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Avesa Energy (Chakra) Balancing® Workshop


The Miracle of Avesa

One-Day Practitioner Training

Prepare to ascend to new heights of consciousness and access your full Divine potential!

The Miracle of Avesa Will:

  1. Fully activate and expand your own conscious connection to divine guidance.
  2. Gift you with Mystical Archangelic Yogic techniques to balance and harmonize yourself and others.
  3. Provide a gateway to multi-dimensional realms where you will fully align with your Soul Path.
  4. Call forth your Quantum Visioning and your ability to decipher what you see.
  5. Clear away mental chatter so you can discern true guidance from egoic messages.
  6. Enable true communion with your Soul at anytime.
  7. Allow you to live your life from an entirely new perspective and frequency as you assist others to do the same.
  8. Establish yourself as a powerful co-creator with the energies around and within you.
  9. Reawaken and reactivate your Divine Mastership.

Experience the love, power, and miracle that is Avesa in a one-day program where you will be attuned to the lineage and healing energy of AVESA and be certified to offer In-Person Avesa Balancings. Whether you are a practicing healer or one who simply wishes to call forth the healer within, being certified as an Avesa Balancing Practitioner empowers your Divinity with greater service!

Investment (Class only): $144 (Materials for practitioner certification extra. See Additional Investment section below.)

Additional Investment: To be certified as an Avesa Energy Balancing® Practitioner, you will be required to demonstrate a proficiency in the technique by performing the balancing on others. In order to perform the balancings, you will need to purchase a starter kit which includes Archangelic Mist, Egyptian Healing Rods(TM), and 2 glass pyramids. Call or e-mail for pricing details.

Note: If you are not yet ready to move forward with certification, this class can still benefit you on a personal level. In addition to being attuned to the Avesa energies, you will also be taught practices including the Avesa Breath, the Miracle Manifestation Technique, the Living Ankh Practice, and Divine Galactic Yoga. You can use these as stand-alone practices, or they can be incorporated into whatever spiritual routine you have already established for yourself.